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Quantum Sex Ed-Part 4: Anal Sex

Trigger Warning: Rape, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse

The average adult rectum is 4.5 inches long, while the average adult penis when erect is 5.5-6 inches long. Anatomically speaking, the anal orifice is an exit for solid waste products. Anal fluids are produced to lubricate things leaving the body and typically when something is inserted, that area's organic reaction is to expel. For people with penises, the prostate gland can be stimulated through the anal cavity and can produce pleasure for some people. During anal sex, nerve cells are activated at the spine that can create flashes of light in the brain and interestingly the nerves from the pineal gland in the brain though the spine, end in the perineum. The pineal is the organ of the 3rd eye, which allows development of Higher Sensory Perception of consciousness.

The perineum and anal area is the meeting point of eight energy meridians of the body, making this area a target for sexual misery implants, which syphon life force for feeding into larger battery tanks for dark entities/consciousness and mark it in reversal as a reptilian tail. These implants are also found in the planetary body (micro to macro) as crucifixion implants representing the rape of Michael (Holy Father). The most heinous (Moloch) tanks are specially designated for gathering the loosh energy during child sexual blood sacrifice, but they are also used in pornographic situations. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) often include anal sex and given its connection to pineal gland energy is considered the path to manifest immortality for human hybrids, and people engaged with these dark forces.

The life force energy pattern in the individual’s lightbody connects to a metatronic spiral, which generates a “descending serpent fire” (connection here to caducus networks) down the spine from the pineal gland that releases mass quantities of life force through the perineum. Dark entities use this spiritual energy source as a means to consume the consciousness body of their intended victim in order to harvest that energy for their agendas or mere pleasure. This energy is also used to power up alien architecture in the planetary grids that create rips in space time, which allow demonic entities to enter our realm and enter people’s bodies. This is why there has been such a huge push in the mainstream media and global culture to normalize pedophilia- it keeps the doorway open.

Working up to actual penetrative sex with the average size penis requires a lot of stretching, lubrication, and build up over time for comfort. An immediate penetration with a penis into the anus causes microtears and damage inside the rectum. Due to this microtearing, it would be suggested to use a condom for that act even with known, loving committed partners. Spiritualizing our blood is a part of aligning the Christic record and the Eukachristic body is what purifies our blood into the Christ record. This microtearing is the small, but important, blood sacrifice for Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

Sourcing a desire for anal sex is incredibly important. Is the desire coming from a 1D mind, or wish to dominate another? Is it coming from a hear- based intention of mutual pleasure and intimacy? If it is about variety or the sensation then an alternative would be experimenting with silicone cock rings of various widths to have a tighter feeling on the shaft of the penis. Open dialogue with a partner can be a way of exploring these questions and growing closer together in intimacy.

Between ENTHUSIASTIC consenting adults, anal sex can be a shared intimate act through sexual organ connection in a loving scenario. Finally as a thought, I sincerely hope that a balance exists in every scenario of sexual intimacy where someone is not willing to do to another, what they would not want done to themselves. Intimacy from an intention of full consent, love, and connection is part of the path of sacred union.

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