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Reclaiming Passion

Having walked the path (many times) of the alien love bite, I have felt the flutterings/longings/huge passion/have to have someone etc. associated with those types of relationships. For me, and I think for all relationships based on this reversed architecture, it ends in pain, energetic draining, and trauma. I can see clearly from the rearview mirror, so to speak, that the passion was a trap- my sexual energy was not flowing organically and I was not standing in integrity, which inevitably caused incredible trauma to myself. This looping trauma is the same purposeful looping trauma we all are subject to as ways of harvesting energy from humanity. Everyone has had their own beautiful experiences of lessons and healings. For me, as I started to do my own inner work several years ago- healing and shining light into my cracks, my own personal desires and sexual urges began to shift. Then I met my soul partner and things (energetically and physically) have transformed in ways I couldn't have imagined. In all honesty, the "passion" I had experienced before wasn't there at first. There was no ravenous need in my body, instead there was peace. I realize now my body had to be reeducated. It had to really learn anew what heart sourced passion was as a physical manifestation. The first kiss wasn't fireworks. The second was better. Each one just keeps deepening in magic. It's as if a slow burning fire was lit and that sexual energy now becomes a bonfire over space and time because it is well-tended with organic love and compassion. Sex at first wasn't stellar either because my body had patterns to release and physical responses had to be adjusted to a new and "strange" world of an equal energetic exchange. This was in no way anyone’s fault, yet I had to walk through the shame and guilt associated with my body’s past trauma and what it expected. There had to be a remembering of what it felt like in a body to give and to receive - to ebb and to flow with the currents of sexual energy. Now. Oh. My. Word.

It's as though my nervous system and nadial structures have been rewired to connect to his as a complete circuit- shared climaxes are a regular, expected, and normal thing now. There has been the mind blowing experience of hearing Sophianic sound tones during intimate times- at first I thought music was playing outside somewhere, but no, it was energetically enveloping us. There are levels or spirals of passion. There is that which is organic and pure in love and alignment with God and that which is harmful and breeds pain. On my path there had to be a detachment from those physical things the world tells us should be there or even how the world defines "chemistry". The idea of chemistry is a trap- it's alchemy we are seeking. Passion is nurtured by respect and friendship…. in that container of true masculine architecture, inside the heart and inside the relationship to another, the energy is transformed. Instead of a trap this newly remembered love is a freedom- one which many forces on this planet do not want us to reclaim. How miraculous and divinely beautiful is that?

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