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Pastoral Offerings

Based in Eagle River, Alaska 

Available within the Anchorage and Matsu Valley Areas

I aim to live a regenerative life by stretching into many roles – an educator, a fiber artist, a tour director, and a tentmaker - and it is my honor to provide such space energetically as I am called to be of service. 

Living a human life is a healing journey, one that is multifaceted and multi-dimensional. My own path is no different and I aim to share from my own personal gnosis and experiences in creating custom and meaningful sacred ceremonies to uplift and honor others on their journey. 

I am ordained through my own heart connection to God (as we all are) and able to legally officiate marriages throughout the State of Alaska.

The role of Pastor is one sacred to me. I hope to provide support to those in my local community and be an alternative to organized religious structures. It is my joy to celebrate with those as they move through the whole wheel of life's cycles.

My offerings are donation based. I reject any attempt to connect profit to sacred service. I simply request a balanced and loving exchange - something that is offered with blessings and a positive feeling.

Pastoral Offerings: About

Weddings & Renewal of Vows

A Celebration of Union of All Kinds

Baby Blessing

Maternity Blessings, Newborn, or Family Blessings

Celebrations of Life

Funeral and Memorial Services

Home Blessings & Custom Ceremonies

Unique Spaces to Honor Life's Twists and Turns

Pastoral Offerings: List
Pastoral Offerings: Image
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Pastoral Offerings: Image
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