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Quantum Sex Ed-Part 6: Shining Light into Kink

Sexual expression in a biological form is part of the experience and divine plan of this realm. That desire for connection is organic- our bodies seek touch, intimacy, and loving care. Everyone has sexual wants and desires- these are natural when sourced from love of self and another, in fully consensual situations. Kink and all the endless varieties of it are an energetic field of landmines. My intention is to invite self-reflection and awareness of patterns.

Pain and trauma often lead to self-harming behaviors either consciously or unconsciously. Behaviors of a sexual nature are no different. Becoming conscious of them is a step on the path towards healing and integration towards wholeness. The muck we must sometimes see could actually not be our own- it could be part of thought forms and dark consciousness that has used pieces of divinity to create reversals.

Kink can be a fetish for certain body parts that someone finds appealing- why is attraction to the body and not the heart of the partner? Kink can be a scenario (playing out a role)- why is not being yourself enough? Darkness and evil dwell in pedophelia and beastiality - which are not kinks or sexual orientations. I have heard a phrase “don’t yuck someone else's yum”. This is satanic thinking. I most definitely will call out evil if someone’s yum is preying on children or hurting an animal. This dark hole goes deep in this world into pornography, human trafficking, blood sacrifice and beyond this planet.

The BDSM scene is a sexual playing out of victim-victimizer programming, a way to loop into slave and master, letting it seep into someone’s sexuality. Love is not violent. Love is not damaging or degrading. People who have a ”turn on” by such things have become the darkness rather than seeing the wound and healing. This is not a popular thing to say and I do not share it thinking all will agree. Agreement is not necessary. Getting a sexual rush out of causing someone pain is getting a hit off syphoning someone’s energy- this is death energy. Someone is participating in the draining of another’s essence. Using sex to manipulate or receive validation is dark magic glamour spells- it is luciferian. I have attended BDSM clubs. I have gone down the kink path in some of its variety. I speak from a lived experience of the damage it does, the pain that underlies it, and the possibility of healing and returning to loving sexual expression. There is no shame or judgement. There is growth.

Kink has been used as a cover for satanic practices to go mainstream and be considered normal. Even teens, reading Twilight, are shown drinking blood as part of a sexual relationship. The potential examples here could fill a library.

A post was shared with me of someone working with clients for sexual healing and they were encouraging journaling about what dark fantasies and kinks someone had in detail as a way to explore their sexuality and reconnect with dark aspects of themselves. This is extremely harmful. Putting more energy into the darkness is not healing- the real questions to explore are: Where is the root of that urge? What wound is it from? What program of consciousness is running through me? Is this mine? Is this from this lifetime or another- is it real?

Human light bodies are conduits for energy and consciousness as part of the planetary brain. We are each tiny neurons. If sexual energy is created while thoughtforms or behaviors are engaged, a cord is created to whatever that thought or energy behind the behavior is. There is no avoiding this. What energy we consent to run through us runs into the planet- it spreads into the grids and into the consciousness of all.

Call back your innocence. Return to the safety of loving physical expression. Shine light into the kink.

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1 Comment

Mama Starduzt
Mama Starduzt
Jun 10, 2021

Thank you so much for shedding light on these topics!!!! You have answered the call. <3

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