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Sovereign Dream Space

Every ensouled body on this planet is subject to dream state abuse and attack. Astral rape is a real thing. Until awareness or assistance is available for someone to learn how to protect their space and seal their light body before sleep, infiltration is common and nothing to feel shame or guilt about. Normalizing the discussion of this topic is my intention. Loving, organic Source consciousness will not enter a dream state and engage in sexual contact. Using holographic projections of past lovers, crushes, people you know, or strangers to engage in sexual acts during your sleep is abuse. This is often done as young as possible to create cords, implant patterns and programming, cause trauma, and create sexual dysfunction.

Memories of negative consciousness (non-human) entering my sleep state as a child, conducting abuse and experiments, and causing soul fragmentation is something that I have walked through personally witnessing and healing. Offering grace and compassion to the me that was violated is part of the healing process. I am here to provide support for those working through these topics.

Sharing this prayer with love, that it may be healing and helpful:

Beloved Holy Mother-Holy Father, eternal organic living light, Source, Christos-Sophia,

Protect and seal my light body during sleep from any inorganic frequency, I do not consent to dreams of a sexual nature or any harvesting of my energies while I am asleep. Repair, heal and refine all astral doorways into those aligned to my highest expression. Heal any damage done during my sleep states and return to me all organic energies taken, syphoned, copied, or abused in any way. Remove all memories at all levels of any inorganic dreams. So it is lovingly commanded.

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