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The Sleeping Lady of Hyperborea

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

As a brain, the planet functions similar to our own. Ever had a dream that felt so real and vivid it made you wonder if it was a memory? Our Holy Mother, our planet, is beginning to remember herself at a higher dimensional frequency- connections are possible like none for ages. When we become consciously aware of a possibility, it can become manifest.

The 7th dimensional Gaia is our Earth’s monad body expression and energetically is being reconnected into the planet through Guardian hosting and work of countless souls connected to Source.

On the 7th dimensional Gaia were a race of beings we call Hyperboreans. These beings were the inspiration for pantheons of Norse and Greek/Roman Gods, for the idea of massive beings with extraordinary abilities who could travel between dimensions and were like Gods to a 3 dimensional human. Hyperboreans were fully in their embodiment as Christos-Sophia beings and lived in a time before our Universal Time Matrix was invaded and the Earth captured with a false lunar satellite to shift the ability of the planet and humans to receive God frequencies.

On the 3 dimensional Earth we currently inhabit, there are remnants of structures from higher dimensional realms. Bringing down through levels of energy has included reversals, overlays, and distortions being applied, but a piece of the connection remains.

In Central Alaska is a mountain known as the Sleeping Lady. It appears as a woman laying on her side who wears the blankets of the seasons. There are many stories around this mountain and one that resonates with my soul is a compilation of Dena’ina and Athabascan stories.

This version of the legend of the Sleeping Lady is compiled from the stories of Nancy Lesh and Ann Dixon:

“Many millennia ago, a clan of gentle giants inhabited the Great Land, now known as Alaska. Among the giant people was a beautiful young lady and a handsome young man who fell deeply in love with each other. Their unbound devotion was so joyous that all the villagers admired them and preparations for marriage were underway.

On the day before the wedding a messenger brought dreadful news that a fierce war-like people from the north were invading the country and destroying everything in their path. The village gathered in council to decide what to do. Some suggested going north to attack. The young love-filled man proposed taking gifts to the enemies instead of weapons, showing their interest was in peace and not bloodshed. By morning the brave volunteers were ready to leave.

The young lady had tears of sadness when her lover came to say good-bye. He gazed softly into her eyes and whispered, "I shall return soon with news of peace. Meet me by the slender body of water with two arms." With one gentle kiss he turned and joined the departing men.

The young woman hurried to the pool of water, known today as the Knik Arm, and began the wait, confident that she would soon be back in her mate's arms. For many days and nights she busied herself while waiting until finally she grew very weary and laid down to rest. She fell into a deep sleep.

While she slept, tragic news reached the village that their young men's pleas for peace had been in vain and a terrible battle had broken out. Most of the giant men were killed or captured. When the village women approached the young lady with the tragic news, they could not bare to disturb her from her peaceful sleep, and left her as she was. To this day, the sleeping lady lies there dreaming of the moment her beloved will return to her side and peace once again rules the land.”

A piece of Sophianic consciousness from 7th dimensional Gaia encased as the mountain of the Sleeping Lady on this density of 3rd dimensional Earth. The invasion into Gaia and the destruction of the Hyperboreans. A separation of masculine and feminine. The installation of a false dark mother as lunar and Yahweh matrices. Sophia is rising. Arthur as the Albion body on the planet is rising. The Holy Mother is remembering herself before the fall in density. Mountains are moving and slumber will cease for consciousness of who we are as connected children of God.

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