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Quantum Sex Ed- Part 5: Circumcision and Genital Mutilation

Please discern for yourself if this information is for you at this time. This topic, although we’ve been led to believe it is a routine thing in some cases, is really laden with grief and room for healing.

As a call for healing, I want to lift up a prayer that came into my heart as I awoke this morning:

Beloved Holy Mother and Holy Father,

Unified field of Living Light of Christos-Sophia,

Benevolent Guardian families who serve the Law of One,

As an embodiment of sacred law, I command all my organic body parts and code to return energetically to wholeness. All forms of siphoning or cords to dark consciousness are ended now. A loving witness and space is held for the pain and grief of trauma to the masculine through circumcision- a wound in this lifetime and in any others. From any pain through genital mutilation to any of my bodies, I ask for assistance in moving through to healing in divine timing. I clear all contracts, inorganic implants or architecture. I command a return of all that I am. I stand in the light of the inner sun of my solar sonship. And so, with love, it is.


Circumcision is the removal of the prepuce (foreskin) tissue from around the glans or head of the penis after separating it from around the corona, usually done shortly after birth. There is no medical reason for circumcision as a routine procedure.

Female Genital Mutilation or FGM is the cutting (to create scar tissue and damage) or removal of the glans of the clitoris or parts of the labia in order to reduce sexual urges and sensation. Infibulation is one of the most extreme FGM, when labia tissue is cut and then sewn back to block or partially cover the vaginal opening.

I think most people would feel empathy for someone who survived and lived with FGM, and that person would immediately know they experienced a horrible violation to their body. The general consensus on the planet is that FGM is a barbaric practice, but for those with penises that damage is shadowed. For our dear external rod holders, this is damage done often without acknowledgement and therefore without even self-awareness that there was a traumatic event. There is no healing without awareness of the wound itself. Genitals on this planet have been targeted for mutilation for generations- this wound is a deep one.

Hebrews and Muslims, following false alien gods, use circumcision as a way of denoting ‘cleanliness’ and separating themselves from unbelievers. This perpetuates the myth that foreskin is ‘unclean’. The blood and tissue of the most delicate part of their body is given as a sacrifice to a black cube Saturn based Yahweh (Yod Heh Vav Heh) Collective holding the 666 curse in place and beginning a life for many on this planet in a violent religion that requires pain and worship.

It is no small coincidence that the region of the world with the highest circumcision rate is near the 10th star gate on the Iran-Iraq border, which is the control center for the false michael matrix and transmits NAA mind control encouraging violence and death through reversals in the Golden Eagle horizontal grids of the planet.

There is so much more here with layers upon layers of depth in the macro and micro energetic fields. It is a personal and private conversation/learning/healing depending on an individual’s lightbody and coding. As energy moves there is an opportunity to hold space, witness, and heal to move into a new embodiment of wholeness and unity.

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