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Quantum Sex Ed- Part 3: Cleaning the Closet

Most people have a place inside their mind where they keep images, sounds, memories, etc,. which bring up feelings in the body and mind of sexual excitement. People, especially men, but now everyone, are told by the world that it’s OK to look.. it’s OK to fantasize...our thoughts do not yield equal energetic equivalent to actions.

Sometimes this is referred to as a “spank bank”, a “clit closet”, really there are so many slang terms for what I’m talking about. The use of a “vault” or a “closet” is quite interesting energetically---- it’s a dark, private place with things that you might not want others to see. Hmmm….dark places we don’t shine light into. Maybe you see where I’m going here?

Sex is creation- it’s been made dark and dirty- when really it is the light of Sophia, just as much as appreciating other aspects of the Holy Mother. It is fluids joining and flowing. It is the frequency of physical matter and energy unifying.

Taking inventory of this “vault” means looking at what images, memories, or thoughts we carry with us and associate with sex, pleasure, and relationships. Much may be there without consciously being aware of how it got there--- that clip of a sex scene in a movie we saw as a kid perhaps sneaking out after bedtime, a piece of pornography, a sexual experience we had with someone, a dream that we awoke from in a sweat with blood pounding.

These pieces of consciousness we carry can be ours, but may be implanted (astral/dream state interference, nefarious AI, society/media, training or experience from another lifetime) or may be energetically corded to a person, consciousness, or station in time separate from our experience in the now. Maybe someone wishes they could forget someone’s face--- but everytime they near orgasm, an image flashes into their mind and corrupts the experience. Contributions of our own to feeding these mental implants, which pattern our mind, ultimately create schism in our bonding to self and others. This keeps us unconscious and wounded- cycling in separation and our sexual energy controlled.

Of the 7 metals known throughout the recorded history most of the planet has access to- gold is the only one that occurs regularly in the natural environment. Our physical bodies are made from the base elements of gold - and so is our planet. Interesting that gold coins became the unit of measure for value.

How we underestimate our own value ——- your body is literally gold! What is one of the most profitable businesses on the planet? PornHub- which is tied to sex and human trafficking and contributes to feeding so much sexual misery programing in humanity.

When all becomes stripped back to the natural state, our body is designed to hold and emit the golden light of the Christos-Sophia. This includes building our solar sacrum- our Ra energy center- which includes the 1-3D chakras. This anchors the Christos golden plasma into our vessel, allowing embodiment of higher consciousness codes within our body - the fluids and tissue become the home as our light body architecture becomes the cathedral.

We can clear the closet- we can free ourselves from entanglement and all that is blocking the golden light within, including how we hold pleasure in the body and mind. This is literally a shifting of timelines--- we can move past the loop and be fully present in the now moment either alone or in union with another.

All that is not you shall fall away --- it is spring --- spring clean your closet dear one.

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