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Songs of Wild Grace Welcomes You

You are a unique sacred song....
remembering that spark which you are, a fractal of light and sound in a body.

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The Path of Unity

Reclaiming the Way through Unification
with the Christos-Sophia Living Light Source Field of Creation

Some use the word God, some say Source- there are so many names and labels for the same thing. The perfect union of light and sound that is 'All That Is' or the 'I AM'- the origin of the spark of life. Christos (masculine) and Sophia (feminine) together as one - the God Head, organic creation, a living logos. 

The great work is the hard work of healing trauma, purging ego constructs, reclaiming sovereignty over our body, mind, and soul. We begin moving into alignment with Sacred Law bringing us closer to God (the Holy Father & Holy Mother) and embodiment of a Truth our heart remembers.

Coming into union begins with inner union. This opens the doorway for union with God and union with others.

The heiros gamos. 

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"When you make the two one and make the inside like the outside and outside like the inside...then you will enter the kingdom of heaven."

Gospel of Thomas

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